A Life So Beautifully Lived!

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When someone you care about suffers a loss, this is the ultimate gift of love and comfort! It can also be upgraded to include more gourmet items for the family to share - to do so, just give us a call.

A very special Sympathy Basket! This gorgeous and comforting gift includes a soft, plush blanket, perfect for relaxing on the couch or in a lounge chair watching TV.  The beautiful keepsake candle holder with copper lid is inscribed with the words, "In Memory Of A Life So Beautifully Lived", and comes in an elegant gift box. The book (the best of it's kind we have found!) is called "How To Heal A Grieving Heart", and the CD is an award winner, called "Your Present, A Half Hour Of Peace".  It is a soothing and mesmerizing  guided meditation with soft music and nature sounds in the background. It has been used in hospitals to help lower blood pressure and relieve stress. To all this we have also added a Tea For One set, herbal tea and cookies. These items will be used over and over, and they will feel the love!

Items of equal or greater value may be substituted, depending on availability and the discovery of great new gourmet items and seasonal specialties.

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