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An assortment of healthy items in a beautiful, modern, bamboo salad bowl. The bowl will be enjoyed for salad, pasta, fresh fruit on the table and more. Also featured is the award winning, olive oil and balsamic sampler, two delicious olive oils and two delicious balsamics. The gift includes:

  • Modern Bamboo Salad Bowl with Inlay Design\
  • Olive Oil and Balsamic Sampler Set
  • Garden Veggie Dip
  • Olives
  • Nut Topper Blend - Delicious on Salads
  • Bolognese Seasoning Mix - Make a great pasta dish
  • Artichokes
  • Coconut Curry Chickpea Stew Mix - Make a delicious vegetarian dinner or add Chicken, beef or fish
  • Marinated Artichokes

Items of equal or greater value may be substituted depending on availability and the discovery of great new products.


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