Thailand Staycation (6 meals)

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You can make either two deluxe three course meals or six one course meals and the gift includes 5 servings of Thai Iced Tea complete with sweetened condensed milk, a beautiful serving  bowl, a porcelain chili dish and mini bamboo spoon, two sets of chopsticks and a lime.

All products, sourced from a certified organic farm in Thailand. The flavors are authentic because each meal includes the difficult to find herbs and spices that make each dish so authentic and decadently delicious!  All are gluten free, organic and vegan. Meals are very easy to make and ready to eat in 10 to 15 minutes. This is great for a romantic date night, or a gift for any occasion. 

Thailand Staycation creates all the flavors and aromas of Thailand in a very unique and memorable gift! 

  • Tom Kha Thai Coconut Soup (two servings) Each ingredient is Organic: Dried Herbs, Tom Kha soup seasoning, coconut milk, ground hot chili for optional added spice.
  • Pad Thai Noodles (two servings) Each ingredient is Organic:  rice noodles, dried garlic, dried herbs, Pad Thai sauce, ground peanuts, ground hot chili (for optional added spice) add veggies & protein
  • Curry (two servings) *curry type varies  All Ingredients are Organic: Dried herbs, red, green or Panang chili paste, curry seasoning, coconut milk 
  • Thai Iced Tea and Sweetened Condensed Milk (5 servings)
  • Two sets of Chopsticks
  • Lime
  • Small Porcelain Chili Dish
  • Mini Bamboo Spoon
  • Beautiful Serving Bowl

Trendy  Beautifully Packaged  Organic  Gluten Free  Healthy   Vegan   Authentic   Easy   Delicious  Memory Making 


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