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$500 to $700.  The most plush, indulgent, luxurious gift basket on the planet. The gift features a gorgeous robe made of a special ultra plush micro fiber fabric, a lavender filled spa blanket to heat in the microwave and drape over back and shoulders (the heat soothes sore muscles and melts away tension and the lavender aroma therapy calms and relaxes), matching spa booties that also can be heated to pamper feet and calves, Lavender filled bear to warm in microwave and hug, A tall decorative bottle of foaming bubble bath (Oprah raved about it in her magazine), a relaxation C.D, lavender spray mist, candles, bath salt, body oil, body lotion, bath brush, lavender potpourri, bath pillow, a beautiful vase filled with potpourri for the home, a tea cup, tea, fine hand made chocolate truffles and more all presented in a designer metal two tiered container that makes a gorgeous decorative accent in the bathroom to hold towels and toiletries or as a planter.

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