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These large, elegant stacking boxes are very unique because it does not appear that a full-sized bottle could possibly fit in any of the boxes, but they are specially constructed to do so, and it is always a big surprise when the recipient finds a bottle of sparkling cider (included) in the middle of all the goodies!

The gift also includes French butter cookies, California almonds, toffee brittle cookies, pistachios, Focaccia Crisps,  Brie cheese, pretzels, European style coffee, classic chocolate chip cookies, chocolates and confections.

NOTE: TO UPGRADE TO WINE - Give us a call! We have partnered with San Diego Wine Company and can offer you champagne or any type of wine, in different price ranges and at discounted prices! We will pick up the wine and include it in your gift to offer you choices, the best deal, and our signature customer service!

(Items of equal or greater value may be substituted, depending on availability, or discovery of great new items.)


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