Handsome Man Grooming Can

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Premium male grooming essentials gift set in a see-through paint can from Duke Cannon Supply Company. Contains 7 high quality masculine and refreshing grooming products:

  • WORKING MAN'S FACE WASH with refreshing citrus scent, some grit for optimal cleansing, energizing menthol, jojoba and vitamin c.
  • BLOODY KNUCKLES HAND REPAIR BALM A hearty serving that will last a long time. Made with lanolin, provides moisture without leaving the hands feeling sticky or greasy!
  • CANNON BALM TACTICAL LIP Protectants -(Two)  One fresh mint taste and one blood orange. All premium, natural and organic ingredients with sun protectant and 4 times the size of the ones seen in stores.
  • BIG ASS BRICKS OF SOAPS - Two bars, each three times the size of the average bar of soap. A steel cut texture for extra grip.
  • SUPERIOR SHAVING CREAM and a cool container to keep it all handy in. We will add some high end coffee and power bars, so he can start his day feeling fresh and energized!

This is a great gift for Father's Day, graduation, birthday, Groom gift, or for any occasion.

Note: Deluxe version available with Coffee, Chocolates, Cookies and Snacks stacked on top. Call to upgrade.





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